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Artificial Intelligence (182)Machine Learning (130)Deep Learning (62)TensorFlow (19)Caffe (1)Deeplearning4j (3)Torch (1)Apache SINGA (1)Keras (3)Apache MXNet (1)OpenVINO (1)Horovod (1)Chainer (1)RapidMiner (1)Apache SystemML (1)Pattern Recognition (2)PredictionIO (1)AutoML (5)Auto-Keras (1)Auto-sklearn (1)H2O AutoML (1)H2O (1)DataRobot (1)ML Kit (1)Reinforcement Learning (3)Neural Networks (27)OpenNN (1)NLP (16)Sentiment Analysis (1)Computer Vision (11)OpenCV (3)Machine Vision (1)Predictive Analytics (9)NLTK (2)Image Analysis (5)Speech Recognition (1)Face Recognition (2)CNTK (1)Cognitive Computing (1)Cortana (1)Quantum Computing (5)Cirq Framework (1)Q# (1)Insurtech (1)Recommendation Systems (1)Conversational AI (4)Microsoft Bot Framework (2)
MLOps (9)MLflow (1)Kubeflow (7)
Big Data (107)Dremio (1)Apache Hama (1)Apache Zeppelin (1)Apache Kylin (1)Apache ActiveMQ (1)Apache Accumulo (1)Apache Drill (2)Apache Spark (17)GraphX (1)Apache Spark MLlib (2)PySpark (1)Data Mining (23)Pentaho (2)Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) (1)Hadoop (26)Hive (1)Impala (1)Apache Ambari (1)Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) (1)Stream Processing (16)Apache NiFi (2)Apache Ignite (1)Apache Apex (1)Apache Storm (1)Apache Flink (1)Apache Beam (1)KSQL (1)Spark Streaming (1)Data Warehouse (8)Data Vault (1)Apache ZooKeeper (2)Teradata (2)Avro (1)Apache Arrow (1)Apache Airflow (1)
Containers and Virtual Machines (VMs) (73)Docker (19)Kubernetes (44)CRI-O (1)Helm (1)PouchContainer (1)OpenShift (8)Apache Karaf (1)LXC (1)Kata Containers (1)App-V (2)Rancher (1)Project Calico (1)Veeam (1)Heroku (1)
Database (131)Berkeley DB (1)SQL (37)MongoDB (8)Oracle (20)Access (7)PostgreSQL (9)Cassandra (4)MySQL (12)MariaDB (4)Redis (4)ApsaraCache (2)Azure SQL Database (1)Microsoft SQL Server (15)SSAS (1)SSIS (1)SQL Server BI (3)PL/SQL (3)Graph Database (5)Neo4j (1)Blazegraph (1)NoSQL (11)Azure Cosmos DB (1)Percona (2)kdb+ (2)NewSQL (1)CouchDB (1)SequoiaDB (1)Memcached (1)Database Migration (4)DM7 Database (1)Aerospike (1)Hypertable (1)GraphQL (5)Hasura (1)Voldemort (1)Firebase (3)LINQ (1)Presto (1)Change Data Capture (CDC) (1)Hazelcast (1)
Blockchain (40)Hyperledger (8)Ethereum (5)Dapp (2)Solidity (2)Stellar (1)Smart Contracts (2)Monax (1)Ripple (3)XRP (1)MultiChain (1)Corda (1)
Operating Systems (OS) (2)HarmonyOS (1)Fuchsia OS (1)
Mobile Development (68)Android (19)Android Nougat (1)iOS (12)Cross Platform Development (17)Flutter (3)Xamarin (1)Ionic (6)IBM MobileFirst (1)Meteor (2)Progressive Web Apps (PWA) (6)WeChat (5)Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (2)Intelligent Applications (1)
Web Development (87)HTML (7)CSS (6)CSS Grid Layout (1)MEAN Stack (6)Bootstrap (4)Reactive Programming (11)Functional Reactive Programming (1)Vert.x (1)RxJava (2)RxJS (2)RxSwift (1)OWASP (6)Web Design (4)WebAssembly (1)Sass (1)Apache Flex (1)Responsive Design (2)Visual Studio Code (1)Hugo (1)Bubble (1)Jekyll (1)
Game Development (5)Unreal (1)Unity (2)
Virtual Reality (VR) (5)React VR (1)
Augmented Reality (AR) (8)ARToolKit (1)ARCore (1)
Data Analysis (161)Business Intelligence (52)Power BI (7)Tableau (11)JasperReports (1)Apache Superset (2)MicroStrategy (1)Splunk (3)Apache Druid (1)Dashbuilder (2)SAS (2)Stata (3)Alteryx (3)IBM Cognos (1)Google Sheets (1)QlikView (2)Data Visualization (34)Kibana (2)Grafana (2)TIBCO (5)TIBCO Spotfire (3)KNIME (5)Microsoft Power Platform (1)Business Analysis (29)Requirements Engineering (4)Prescriptive Analytics (1)Fintech (1)System Monitoring (9)Zabbix (1)Nagios (3)Sensu (1)Fluentd (1)Munin (1)Data Cleaning (1)Spatial Analysis (10)GIS (6)QGIS (1)ArcGIS (3)Pix4D (2)Web Analytics (3)Piwik (1)Hotjar (1)Google Analytics (1)
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Software Engineering (127)Software Testing (87)Test Automation (39)Robot Framework (1)TestComplete (1)AutoIt (1)Tricentis Tosca (1)Galen Framework (1)Web Application Testing (34)Selenium (16)Protractor (2)Iridium (1)Jasmine (1)Jest (1)Watir (1)Cypress (1)Katalon Studio (1)Behavior Driven Development (BDD) (14)Cucumber (5)SpecFlow (1)Behave (2)Gherkin (2)Serenity (1)Behat (1)RSpec (1)Unit Testing (13)Performance Testing (7)JMeter (5)API Testing (4)SoapUI (1)Rest Assured (2)Postman (2)Test Driven Development (TDD) (3)ATDD (4)Model Based Testing (2)TestNG (2)Property Based Testing (3)FitNesse (1)Software Design (19)Design Patterns (10)Domain Driven Design (1)Design Thinking (1)Design Sprint (1)Software Architecture (4)CMake (1)Software Localization (5)OpenNMT (1)GlobalSight (1)Facebook NMT (1)Application Performance Management (APM) (9)ServiceNow (5)Dynatrace (1)New Relic (1)Sentry (1)SignalFX (1)Documentation (2)
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Graph Computing (6)Semantic Web (4)RDF (1)SPARQL (4)Apache Jena (1)Semantic Wiki (1)
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is growing fast!

We are looking for a good mixture of IT and soft skills in Greece!

As a NobleProg Trainer you will be responsible for:

  • delivering training and consultancy Worldwide
  • preparing training materials
  • creating new courses outlines
  • delivering consultancy
  • quality management

At the moment we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Statistic, Forecasting, Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Evolution Alogrithm, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (recommender system, neural networks .etc...)
  • Hibernate/Spring, Scala, Spark, jBPM, Drools
  • R, Python
  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android)
  • LAMP, Drupal, Mediawiki, Symfony, MEAN, jQuery
  • You need to have patience and ability to explain to non-technical people

To apply, please create your trainer-profile by going to the link below:

Apply now!

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